Dance- a way of cure. 

Usually, the stories that speak out through a dancer’s eye is a story that is kept as a until chapter of her life. Dance cures people in almost every way. Mentally or physically- it brings the colours of life to the eyes of destiny. 

Before I start, I have spoken to a few on how dance cured them. The form doesn’t matter while all we are is in a world of dance. As I spoke, I got to know that there were a million problems to everyone and the only solution was dance for them. I was awestruck to some extent on how could that be possible – just until I had to experience it. 

There were different problems , Some of academics, some of *the not following passion* ones, some who are willing to dance but aren’t able to,  way too many problems. At the end all that they told was DANCE WAS THE CURE. 

I shall go on sharing stories one by  one. 

This one is from an odissi dancer – Lavanya Ghosh who is a budding artist and the type of difficulties she had to go through while she was trying hard to get totally into the dance world. 
This is what she had to tell when I asked her story-

It’s always so hard manage in such an age where in you don’t really know what to chose in life. We are all grown up by telling different professionals that we want to become. Little do we know about our fire of passion then. The way dance makes you think is a magical one. You decide to stay in it no matter what. You are on the right path pal! Keep dancing 🙂 
That’s her.

Stay magical and keep dancing. Never give up on anyother. 🙂